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Choose your own investment funds using our Investment Hub

If you feel confident about investing without advice, the Investment Hub lets you invest from £20 per month or a lump sum of £100, up to an unlimited amount. When you choose to invest we’ll clearly show and explain your ongoing investment fees.

Investment Hub

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Choose our Stocks and Shares ISA as a tax-efficient way to invest. If you’ve used up your ISA allowance, or paid into another stocks and shares ISA this tax year and don’t want to transfer it, choose our Investment Account. Both of these accounts allow you to set up regular withdrawals to supplement your income, or you can leave your investments to grow. The tax treatment of your investment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

With the Investment Hub you get a choice of investments and a convenient way to keep track of them, with detailed up-to-date information to help monitor your investments. You can manage your investments securely online at any time, buy, switch or sell investments when convenient for you, on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. You can also view all your Santander accounts alongside your investments through Online Banking.

You can also transfer in stocks and shares ISAs and investments you hold elsewhere, so that everything can be viewed and managed in one place.

If you’re waiting for your Santander Online Banking log on details to access the Investment Hub, you can log on temporarily using the username and password issued to you when you registered for the Investment Hub.

We offer you the convenience of being able to buy and manage a wide range of investments and have broken these into 3 categories.

  • Santander Asset Management’s four multi-index funds
  • a wide choice of Santander Asset Management’s range of funds, or
  • over 1,000 funds in the UK market place.

Digital Investment Adviser

For investments up to £20,000, our Digital Investment Adviser recommends which fund, from a limited range, is right for you. This service is accessed and managed through the Investment Hub.

It's easy to use, shows what you could potentially get back from investing and when you're happy you can buy your suitability report for £20.

Getting advice online

Face-to-face advice

For investments over £20,000, our team of Financial Planning Managers may be able to offer you investment advice.


Our experts give you personalised advice and recommendations based on your situation.

Getting face-to-face advice

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